This year’s theme was inspired by explorers and philosophers, astronauts, dreamers, researchers, poets and composers. I hope that the theme will rouse various associations.

Curiosity and love of adventure have been necessary for the cultural and scientific development of mankind. Every day the World presents itself as new and we should be brave to see its potential.

One can claim that the concept of the New World is based on misunderstandings and is being focused to Europe, but I have been inspired by the optimism that has taken us to foreign lands and towards other planets.

Not all human inventions have brought us happiness and well-being but at the same time the talent that findings and creations have enabled, has been brilliant. One the of greatest gifts that has been given us, is the music. Let music take us to the depths that no machinery can ever take us.

Kauniainen Music Festival invites you to join us now for the 10th time. I wish you a great journey!

Jan Söderblom, Artistic Director